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dr who series 1 episode guide

episode 1:plastic mickey goes to town
episode 2:loose piece of skin causes turmoil while the earTH IS INCINERATED
episode 3:shit goes down in cardiff (and you know it will again)
episode 4/5:farting aliens try to take over the government and they would have gotten away with it if it hadnt been for you meddling kids and your vinegar
episode 6:an angry robot sticks a plunger into the internet and learns the meaning of love
episode 7:simon pegg is loose and dangerous
episode 8:langoliers level 2
episode 9/10:stevie moffat straps a gas mask to an 8 year old. every other 8 year old in existence learns what fear means
episode 11:dr who takes a leftover fart alien on a date
episode 12/13:anne robinson's true form is revealed and rose explodes like twice at least
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"When I started dating I had this kind of Romeo and Juliet, fateful romantic idea about love which was almost that you were a victim and there was a lot of pain involved and that was how it should be. Shakespeare said the course of true love never did run smooth, and I had this sense that it had to be painful. It was such a revelation in Perks of Being a Wallflower to realise that it shouldn’t be that way and that you get to choose who you love and who you decide to give your heart to.”

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In case you’re sad here are some buns.

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it’s 12 hours of cotton eyed joe




it’s 12 hours of cotton eyed joe

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doctor, I can’t stop singing what’s new pussycat

sounds like you have tom jones disease

is it rare?

it’s not unusual

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I love my skin!

I wish i had this on tv when i was growing up.

This is really important.

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